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    2. Company News
      Industry Trends

      About Us

      Guangdong jindiao hardware tools making  co., ltd. was established in 2003, is a private enterprise, the legal representative is mak hung wah, the existing employees 91.   The company's business model is the first production and processing, now gradually into production and marketing.The main products are: industrial and civil scissors, leather shoe-making tools, all kinds of hammer, professional pliers, wrench, screwdriver, all kinds of DIY tools.The customer group covers the trade hardware batch issue shoes material needle car shop mechanical accessories hardware hydropower automobile maintenance and repair and other industries.Our products are not only recognized by major wholesale retailers in mainland China, Hong Kong, Maca... 【more】

      Contact Us

      Mobile:86-13928751990 / 17820102610
      Telephone:86-0757-8143 6632
      Address:No.12, Guangfo hardware city , Nanhai , Foshan , Guangdong , China
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